Coast-to-Coast Capabilities

Coast-to-Coast Capabilities

Allan S. King Plant MERP Project

Project Location: Bayport, MN Office

Owner: Xcel Energy

Contractor: Xcel Energy Services, Inc.

Xcel Energy's $1 billion voluntary Minnesota Metro Emissions Reduction Project (MERP) involved a package of projects to significantly reduce air emissions from three Twin Cities-are power plants while increasing electricity output by approximately 300-MW. APi participated in the King Plant MERP project as a local contractor by removing approximately 74,000 SF of insulation and lagging for the rehabilitation of the existing 550-MW Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) coal-fired boiler and steam turbine. In addition to the upgrade work, APi installed more than 600,000 SF of insulation and lagging on new pollution control equipment including:

Finally, APi reinsulated the upgraded B&W boiler and a new 600-MW Alstom steam turbine-generator in addition to 23,000 LF of boiler piping.

API insulated SDA with industrial siding enclosures
Centrifugal induced draft fans
King plant baghouse
King plant baghouse hopper
King plant SCR and ductwork
SCR hoppers