Coast-to-Coast Capabilities

Coast-to-Coast Capabilities

Elm Road Units #1-2 600-MW Coal-fired Boilers

Project Location: Oak Creek, WI Office

Owner: WE Energies

Contractor: Bechtel Power

APi Construction's boiler scope included the supply and installation of all insulation, lagging, and jacketing on two side-by-side 600-MW Hitachi supercritical coal-fired boilers and the associated boiler piping.

In addition to the boiler scope, APi provided all the insulation, lagging, and pipe jacketing throughout the remainder of both new plants. Throughout the turnkey project, APi supplied and installed nearly 950,000 SF of insulation and lagging on:

In addition, API installed more than 124,000 LF of pipe insulation and jacketing on the balance of plant systems, boiler and turbine piping systems, two Alstom wet precipitators, and two Alstom wet scrubbers.

Air heater
Boiler buckstay corners
Elm road SCR roof (Lake Michigan in background)
Port hole with boiler running
Toggle duct