Coast-to-Coast Capabilities

Coast-to-Coast Capabilities

Iatan Unit #2 850-MW Coal-fired Boiler

Project Location: Weston, MO Office

Owner: Kansas City Power & Light

Contractor: Alstom (boiler & AQCS) Kiewit Power Constructors (balance of plant)

APi Construction's boiler scope included over 450,000 SF of insulation and lagging on an 850-MW Alstom supercritical coal-fired boiler, an Alstom selective catalytic reduction system (SCR), and the associated boiler ductwork. APi also insulated approximately 14,000 LF of boiler piping under this contract.

In addition to the boiler scope, APi provided all the insulation, lagging, and pipe jacketing throughout the remainder of the facility for both the new Iatan Unit #2 plant and the existing Unit #1 AQCS retrofit. These areas included APi insulating two Alstom pulse jet fabric filters, eight Howden in-line induced draft fans, all plant ductwork, and the miscellaneous tanks, drums, and equipment. The complete Iatan turnkey project totaled more than 800,000 SF of insulation and lagging on the flatwork and 62,000 LF of insulation and jacketing on the plant piping.

Boiler bottom
Boiler buckstay corners
Boiler piping
Boiler piping
Detailed flashing
Iatan unit #2 boiler building
Removable insulation blankets