Coast-to-Coast Capabilities

Coast-to-Coast Capabilities

Sanimax Package Boiler Casing and Refractory Replacement Project

Project Location: Green Bay, WI Office

Owner: Sanimax Corporation

Contractor: Sanimax Corporation

We performed all refractory work for their package boiler.  We removed the existing seals inside the boiler and cleaned the tubes inside the boiler.  After the boiler maker work was complete, we installed new firebox floor tile seal, firebox floor mud drum seal, firebox sidewall to steam drum seal, firebox roof tubes to steam drum seal, West sidewall seal to mud drum, west sidewall to steam drum.  On the exterior of the new tubes, we installed ship lapped tile mortared together with 1/8” insulating paper over the tile.  We then installed 2” block insulation over the paper and 1” ceramic fiber blanket over the block insulation.  After the inner casing was installed over our blanket, we pinned and insulated between the inner and outer casing with 4” of mineral wool insulation, double layered.  Project was 8 weeks long.

Materials Used:  Mount Savage shiplap tile, Lougun 29 Castable, LouPatch Mortar, Nutec Ceramic Fiber Board Insulation, Nutec Ceramic Fiber Paper, Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation, Roxul Mineral Wool Insulation.