Coast-to-Coast Capabilities

Coast-to-Coast Capabilities

Verso Wisconsin Rapids Recovery Boiler Outage

Project Location: Wisconsin Rapids, WI Office

Owner: Verso Paper Corp.

Contractor: Verso Paper Corp.

Demolished and replaced 57’ of kiln brick in their 12’ diameter kiln.  A total of over 10,000 brick were removed and replaced.  Also did maintenance in their three recovery boilers including patching soot blowers and burners, replacing dissolving tank floors, replacing and patching seals in boilers, patching doors and ports, replacing refractory smelt spouts.  Project was 12 days around the clock.

Material used:  Ufala kiln brick, Lougun 29 castable, Derby 3000 Mortar, Pre-Krete C-17, WB Anchors, Kaotab SR, Kaocrete B, Plastech 90 Plastic Refractory, Greenset 94 Mortar, Kaotab 95