Building A Culture

A change in safety culture takes time, nurturing, and people “buying in” to the process. In 2016, APi Construction released their new “Good Catch” program. The incentive based program’s functionality is when an APi employee identifies a hazard and correctly fixes it, they are given a scratch off card holding points. These points can be aggregated together to receive APi clothing and gear. With the unveiling of this program APi has given out nearly 300 cards to Field Professionals who have corrected a hazard that could have led to a potential incident.

The Good Catch program and other programs that APi has created, like the Daily Stretching program, has significantly reduced strains and improved overall incident numbers in the field. These are only two of the many programs APi Construction has produced to help foster a safety culture. This brings APi one step closer to achieving their goal of zero OSHA recordables.

Learn More About APi’s Safety Culture Here.

Shaping The Future

Over the course of the last six months, APi Construction Company conducted four Field Leader Summits. Each of these sessions, brought different groups of our Field Professionals into our Headquarters to provide an open flow of communication, learning opportunities, and thoughtful collaboration.

At the Field Leader Summits, topics of conversation cross over many areas of business. Discussions range from new ideas on how to efficiently move men and material on job sites, teaching each facet of estimating, as well as successes and learning opportunities that occur on job sites. Bringing our field leaders together has allowed APiCC to address employee concerns, brainstorm better processes, and spend invaluable time team bonding.

From these Field Leader Summits, revealed our new objective to implement in all work areas of the field. Our acronym SAM: stands for Set Direction, Align Resources, and Motivate. This small symbol has been made into stickers that can be placed on hard hats, tools, folders etc., and will be utilized as a daily reminder to not just go through the motions in an ordinary work day, but engage in leadership behaviors, communication between each other, and overall productiveness on the job site.

Oregon Clean Energy Center: Cold Winter, Hot Schedule

APi Construction Company’s project spot light comes to you from Toledo, Ohio at the Oregon Clean Energy Center. APi Construction Company supplied and installed the insulation and jacketing of 60,000 linear feet of piping and 45,000 square feet of equipment for the 800 mega-watt combined cycle. This system was a natural gas fired power plant in a 2×1 configuration utilizing Siemens H-class gas turbines. There, gas is expelled through two NEM-Siemens Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG’s) which APi Construction also provided the insulation for. The Oregon Clean Energy Project was a challenge.  Delays in the installation schedule meant APi Construction needed to perform 70% of the work scope through the winter months.  APiCC was able to assemble a great crew who worked tirelessly to complete 50,000 man hours of work in just 4 months. The Project Manager for APiCC exclaimed, “it was the dedication and strong leadership from everyone involved that made this project a success.  It’s something everyone at APiCC should be proud of.”