It’s about you protecting me and me protecting you!

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APi Construction has always operated under the premise that our employees are the organizations’ most valued assets. Over time, we have turned our safety program into a safety culture. The time and effort it took to create a safety culture across a National company is invaluable. Our commitment to safety is the essence of how we perform our best and safest projects through work planning, cooperative relationships, and employee involvement.

Work Planning

We believe all processes we perform must go through a planning phase to achieve the best outcome. Safety, quality, material movement, work access, and experienced personnel are key factors to providing the end result our client’s desire. Work planning is essential to providing a safe work environment.

Cooperative Relationships

We strive to develop cooperative relationships with the owner, general contractor, and fellow sub-contractors. The cooperation between companies reduces the probability that the conditions created by one company will negatively affect or become a hazard for the other companies. It’s simple: it’s about you protecting me and me protecting you!

Employee Involvement

The role of the individual employee is the most crucial part to any safety program. Safety starts with leadership’s commitment and is brought to life by engaging each individual. Our program empowers the employee to control the safety in their work area and in their work process. The real value of our company is our people and we must all keep each other safe. All employees have the right to stop work for safety.